About Me


Based in King City, I work in the luxury real estate market. Real estate is a very personal endeavour for me, and I feel fortunate to have found my passion. I love helping people to achieve their real estate goals – so much so that I don’t just buy and sell properties. I work directly with clients who are redesigning their home or tearing down an existing house to begin a custom build. Whatever my client’s needs, I provide them with ideas and insights and offer access to outstanding trades and services.

One of the highlights of my career was joining the team at Laceby Real Estate. Founded in King City in 2002 and informed by over 40 years in the business, Laceby is an exceptional boutique firm. Their understanding of the real estate landscape is extraordinary and they do it all: residential, commercial, industrial, property management and development management. The Laceby commitment to personal connection with clients and their high level of service fits perfectly with my own philosophy.

I have taken the time to learn every aspect of the industry. With a degree in Business Marketing, I initially worked in marketing and then established my own interior design company. I currently work for the family business, Hard at Work, and am involved in every building-related function from acquiring permits to working with architects to designing kitchens and layouts. My experience in construction sets me apart from other realtors. I have access to and close relationships with some of the best architects, engineers and trades in the region to help with any project you have in mind – buying or selling a property, rebuilding, renovating, or simply refreshing the look of your home. Before or after a sale, I offer expertise from start to finish.